Club Amenities & Benefits 
Your business will have the ability to offer rewards and perks for outstanding employees with our club negotiating benefits and to retain or lure new quality employees to your company. Our club will save your organization money and you will have more loyal, excited, harder working employees looking for the next perk or reward in lieu of raises. Next watch your bottom-line grow. (You can offer club rewards as a business benefit perk to secure and seal a contract for your business).  

Club Employee Perks With
Incentives For Your Business 
 Weekend Getaways
Discount Merchandise 
Theme Park Tickets
Show Tickets
Shopping Sprees
Restaurant Coupons
Sport Tickets
Friday Spa Day Off
Free Lunch Days
Night On The Town
Employee Retreats

Club VIP Butler and   Chef Services
Tax Deductible Initation Fees 

Worldwide Networking Events

 Join and do business a new and creative way to meet new clients and markets.  Our club gives your organization the world's most exclusive, confidential, and fun option for your business or pleasure.

Travel With Fellow Club Members To Include CEO's, Executives, World Leaders, Lawyers, Doctors And Politicians To World Parties, and Events, To Include Carnivals (Carnivales) in Brazil, Argentina and the Caribbean And Make Deals For Your Company, Government, or Agency.
Wherever You Go In The World Your Club Membership Includes VIP Fun, Luxury Accommodations, Meals And Transportation 24/7
When You Travel The World's Best Body Guards 
& Protection Equipment Is Included In Your Membership 
For More Information
Call Offices:
 Corporate World Business Clubs 
(240) 495-3266 

Club Members Enjoy The World's Best 
All-Inclusive Accommodations

Stay in Gold Crown 5 or 6 Star/Diamond Hotels, Resorts, Castles and Private Islands, anywhere in the world, which includes delicious meals, all exotic drinks, water sports, entertainment, white sandy beaches, blue clear water, 
non-stop fun and more. (Bring the Family)
Bullet Proof Vehicles
Bullet Proof Clothing
 Exclusive to Club Members The Air/Land Combination Package When You Travel
Corporate World 
Business Club
Universal World Business Club
Universal World Business Club
Introducing the Universal World Business Club's 
2016 Ferrari Club Limousines 
Exclusively For Club Member's Special Events
Club Jets On Time Everytime
Club Members Enjoy All Sizes & Styles of Club Yachts and Boats 
Work & Pleasure 
Our Staff Around The World Will Do 
What Ever It Takes 
To Please Our 
Club Members
Club Members Can Entertain Guest & Employees With A Night On the Town In The Business Club's Party Motor Coaches.
Universal World Business Club
Enjoy Private 5 & 6  Star Resorts on 
Private Islands
Club Corporations vs Corporations Fishing Tournaments In the Best Fishing Spots In the World.
Relax or Entertain Business Associates in Beautiful VIP Club
  Open Air Waterfront Resort Homes Worldwide
Fabulous 5 & 6 Star/Diamond Hotels and
Resorts with Reserved Presidential Suites for Club Members

Their husbands are in the office below deck making a deal to merge their medium size companies. The celebration party is tonight at 8 PM on this Yacht.

Finish Celebrating at your destination with a Club welcome reception just for you 
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Club Members Go First Class and Make a Statement When They Go To Their Meetings 
and Getaways In Club Helicopters
Includes concierge services, captain and crew services, with maintenance servicing

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Luxury Seats

You are cordially invited to join the very prestigious Universal Corporate World Business Club. This exclusive business club is designed for an elite group of businessmen and world leaders to meet and network together as you travel and participate in the Universal World Corporate Business Club’s activities held locally and internationally. This invitation is open to business owners, corporate officers, world government leaders, religious leaders, world class athletes, managers, medical and legal professionals. Business deals can be made on the golf course, at formal dinners, social parties and more.  Memberships are exclusive and limited.

The Corporate World Business Club
Combines Networking, Entertainment and Great Ideas That Works To Increase Your Company's Bottom Line
Exclusive Private Luxury Villas for Club Members
​Universal World Corporate Business Clubs
T/A "Corporate Business Clubs"
"The​ Elite Club of Business Champions"
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A similar Club is the Richman’s International Millionaire’s Club Charter Corporate Platinum Membership – around $507,000 per year. This Hong Kong-based company offered memberships in what is billed as the world’s most expensive private club for $15.2 million a piece sold out 100 Charter Corporate Memberships in the Richman’s IMC (International Millionaire’s Club) within 30 days. They are now offering a Corporate Platinum Memberships because the demand is high among the wealthy and is considered a great value.

Our club the Universal Corporate World Business Club is exclusively a business club, and is based in the USA and is worldwide. Our club is a greater value because we have all inclusive memberships as well as "a la carte' " memberships.  Our focus is helping your business to be more profitable, saving your company more money, uplift your executives & employees moral on the job, and offer concierge services to make life easier at a fraction of the cost.  Next event for our Club is the Corporate Executive Gala